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Your staff is your greatest asset, and most companies cannot operate without them. Without employees, you don’t have a business, and attracting and retaining the best employees isn’t just about pay – benefits also play an important part.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that employees consider a good employee benefits solutions package that include private health insurance more important than a higher salary.

Provide valuable benefits to your employees at a low cost to your business.

In a competitive employment market, attracting and keeping the best talent is key, and employee benefits are an excellent way to do this, by providing valuable benefits to employees at low cost to employers.

By buying employee benefits solutions in bulk, the cost per employee is cheaper than if employees purchased benefits themselves. They therefore attach a higher value to the benefit than it actually costs you.

Working as an extension of your business, we deal with our industry-leading providers to ensure you get the best plans for your workforce at the best price. Premiums for most policies even qualify for tax relief.

Do we need to provide employee benefits solutions?

Many companies do not offer employee benefits, but in some cases/countries these are mandatory, e.g. health insurance.

A strong benefits package can enhance employee loyalty and greatly increase staff retention – as well as keep everyone happier!

What do we get with IPMI?

Research shows that adequate health insurance is the most important part of any benefits package. If staff work or live in another country, health insurance is essential to obtain swift medical treatment.

In an employee’s home country, it can give faster access to private treatment than from the home medical system and is highly valued as an employee benefit.

Depending on the coverage you choose, IPMI can cover:

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Emergency response
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Medical evacuation by air
  • Selection of hospitals and doctors
  • Managing your treatment and recovery
  • Direct settlement of bills

What do we get with Travel Insurance?

This covers employees for travel overseas, and can be purely for business, or include recreational or personal travel as well. Depending on coverage, travel insurance can cover:

  • Lost or stolen bags
  • Lost or stolen items (essential for business-owned expensive equipment or laptops and mobile phones)
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • The costs of cancelling, delaying or cutting a trip short
  • Personal liability, in case of accidents, damaging property or causing injury to others.

What do we get with Life Insurance?

This is a cheap, tax efficient benefit to provide, and 20% of employees rate group life insurance in their top three employee benefits (AIG Life Group Protection research, 2018).

Whilst most large companies provide group life insurance, only 19% of SMEs do, putting SMEs at a serious disadvantage for recruiting the best employees.

Group life assurance pays a tax-free lump sum or taxable dependents’ pension for the beneficiaries of an employee.

What do we get with Pensions?

A pension pays the employee a certain income after retirement. Pensions are mandatory in some countries and optional in others, but always valued by employees.

Providing a pension shows long term commitment to the employee and can be enhanced if the employee contributes as well.

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