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Your home is probably the most expensive purchase you have ever made and it’s full of your precious personal belongings.

A comprehensive policy to help you protect your and your family’s property

Homeowners & Householders insurance, also called Home insurance, protects your house and everything in it, including equipment, fixtures, fittings, and all your personal belongings. It covers theft, damage to your property due to fire, bad weather, damage and loss of your belongings.

Since every home is unique, we offer a comprehensive policy that helps you to protect your and your family’s property. Our expert team can help you choose and tailor the solution that best fits your needs.

What does Homeowners & Householders Insurance cover?

A home insurance policy provides coverage for houses and apartments to owners or tenants, and to permanent residents of Cyprus. It covers:

  • Loss or damage to the building and its permanent fixtures.
  • Loss or damage to contents (furniture, electrical appliances, jewellery etc).
  • Loss or damage to servant’s property.
  • Additional expense of alternative accommodation or loss of rent.
  • Liability to the public as an owner or occupier of the building.
  • Personal Accident to the insured.

Our partner for Homeowners & Householders Insurance

We know that not every home is the same, that’s why our expert team can help you find a comphensive plan that best fits yours.

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