Allianz. One international health insurance provider, multiple benefits

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The Allianz Group has a history of providing high quality insurance, banking, and asset management solutions dating back to 1890. Founded in Germany, Allianz is now a global integrated financial services provider with offices all over the world. This means that no matter where you are, Allianz will always be on hand to assist you.

By utilizing the experience and resources gained over decades, Nicos Rossos Insurance Brokers partnered with Allianz Care in 2020. What attracted us to Allianz Care is their proven ability to control and maintain high service levels. From the initial underwriting of an insurance plan through to renewing and claims handling, Allianz ensures that you will always receive the highest standards of customer service.

What does international health insurance cover?

International health insurance policies are designed to give peace of mind for people who spend long periods overseas and need access to quality healthcare globally. You’re not just covered for emergency treatment, but also for your diagnosis and post-treatment care.

What is the contract length of international health insurance plans? What is the cancellation policy?

Most health insurance contracts are for one year. For all products, there is a 30 day cooling off period from the start date. After this, the policy may not be canceled until renewal, regardless of whether a monthly or annual payment frequency is chosen.

Does international health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Allianz generally covers pre-existing conditions. If your underwriting terms are moratorium or CPME/CTT, there will be a 24 month waiting period before claims for any pre-existing medical conditions may become eligible. Once you’ve completed that period, your pre-existing medical condition may be covered, provided you’ve not had symptoms, needed treatment, medication, or had any other indications of the condition.

Comparing Allianz insurance plans today!

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