Announcing Partnership with Libra Financial Management UK

Libra Financial Management logo.

Nicos Rossos Insurance Brokers announced its partnership with Libra Financial Management.

Libra started over 30 years ago as an independent financial advisor (IFA) with a view to providing financial and insurance services to individuals and corporates in the UK and abroad.

With the support of many clients, they have grown over the years and have been able to establish a solid company that has earned a reputation for delivering a reliable, good, and trustworthy service to its clients worldwide.

Together, Libra and Nicos Rossos intend to capitalise on their experience, knowledge and industry connections and use the combined synergy, to take the group onto the next level of growth.

We believe that we will now be better placed to tackle future challenges and embrace the huge changes that face the insurance industry worldwide by offering our mutual clients a more comprehensive offering of insurance solutions across multiple territories.